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Meet The Producers Peter and Nina and Learn More About The Band

Of all the wedding and event bands in America, The Elite Show Band has a history all it’s own. We would like to thank you for taking a moment to let us tell you more about the band.

Back in early 2004 Peter and Nina met after being hired by Disney Cruise Lines. This was the first Disney contract for them both. Peter who is originally from Toronto, Canada and the youngest of 4 kids, was seen by a Disney talent scout. The scout had seen many acts that day, according to a local talent agent. Consequently, he didn’t like any of them. When he heard Peter play and sing, he decided to start the paperwork to have him processed for Disney immediately. As a result, Peter was on his way to Orlando only 4 weeks later

Nina is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was born into a performing arts family. Her mother is an executive producer at a musical theater company, which gave Nina and her older brother a rich entertainment foundation. While living in New York City, one of Nina’s good friends convinced her to audition for Disney, she did, and soon found herself boarding a plane headed to Orlando.

The Second Meeting That Would Change Everything

It would take another two years before Peter and Nina accepted another Disney contract (the second for them both), and would fall in love. At this point, Nina decided to make a career change from being the MainStage dance captain to join Peter’s band. Thus, the pair would form their own company, featuring what would become The Elite Show Band.

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The Band That Believed It Could

the elite show band - 5 piece bandThe drive to perform was always a priority for Peter and Nina, even when they were a 5 piece band. Every gig was an opportunity for them to change the way people felt, in other words, see them walk away happy.

It wouldn’t take long for the couple to realize they would have to stop thinking of themselves as “just a band”.  In short, they would have to see themselves as a business. In 2007, Peter and Nina formed Rockhan Entertainment LLC and were official business owners. The company owns The Elite Show Band which is also a registered TradeMark in the United States. As a new company there would be many opportunities, however there would be many challenges as well.

Moving forward, Peter and Nina decided to grow the band into a group they would want to see if they were in the audience. This became the central focus for the dynamic duo. They auditioned many musicians and singers, even some with masters and doctorate degrees. Ultimately, it came down to one thing, to expand the group and select nice people with exceptional talent.

Becoming A World Class Band

Ever since Peter and Nina formed The Elite Show Band they have been fortunate enough to have taken the group around the world 10 times over. They have performed for millions across 4 continents, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The group has been honored to perform for more than 2 dozen celebrities, which include, TV personalities, professional athletes, political figures and industry leading entrepreneurs. The band has even been on national television in the US, Europe and Asia, for shows like the travel channel and The BBC. To view some of the bands photos click here.

There is such a rich history about the band. Moreover, if you get to see them perform live, you will instantly notice there is something truly special about this award winning and nationally recognized group, called The Elite Show Band.

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