Live Band or DJ?

Most of the time when a client contacts us, they already know whether they want to have a Live Band or DJ at their wedding or event. It really isn’t a comparison because the two options are completely different. It’s like asking people if they like dogs or cats… most would say they are animal lovers in general, but prefer one over the other. This could be because of their taste and style in music, or leaning towards a specific vibe.

How about having your cake and eating it too? Why should there only be one choice? Why can’t we have both? When people are struggling to decide between a Live Band or DJ, it sometimes comes down to competing interests between the decision makers. It could be because of cost, or space available at the venue, or because someone is more familiar with one service than the other. Instead of choosing between a Live Band or DJ, lets consider having both. Live Band or DJ

But then that little voice in your head says, wait a minute, this is going to cost me a lot of money, and how am I going to coordinate all these people? How can I provide all that space especially when the room is tight! It’s simple, know what your goals are and how you can make it work. Work with entertainment that CAN PROVIDE BOTH. Lets face it, when you get 100 people in a room and ask them what type of music they all like they will tell you different things, why? Because PEOPLE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! No two individuals are alike, and while we might share similar interests, we can never ever agree on everything. We are not made to fit in and be like each other, we are designed to stand out!

Let’s remove the clutter and get to the truth. Music gets people on the dance floor, however keeping them there requires a SPECIAL SKILL SET that is developed over time. If you must decide between having a Live Band or DJ here are some facts between the two.


If you want hear music that was created synthetically (on devices like a laptop) then a DJ can be a good choice, why? Because you are using the very medium that created that particular type of music. Synthetically created music styles include: Rap, Hip hop, Techno and Electronic. (other similar styles may also be included)

If you want hear music that was created from real instruments, then a Live Band is the right choice, because you will hear the exact instrumentation that originally created that type of music. Real instrument music includes: Pop, rock, dance, Motown, R&B, jazz, big band and country. (other similar styles may also be included)

To conclude, a band can ALWAYS bring DJ music and include it along in a package which can be very affordable (BOTH). Bands can also provide expert MC duties, event coordination, timeline organizing, and a host of other elements making a party sensational. A DJ CANNOT play multiple instruments at the same time while also playing music through the system. They may provide MC duties, event coordination, and timeline organization. The best bang for your buck when choosing a Live Band or DJ? Both… and if that isn’t an option, consider what type of party you want to have!