How Much Does A Live Wedding Band Cost in Orlando Fl?

So you’re planning your Florida wedding and have decided that the entertainment should be a live band! But how much should a live wedding band cost in Orlando Fl? How large of a band should you have? Would your cost vary widely if in Tampa or Melbourne FL? What might be the cost differences between having a band that plays The Breakers in West Palm Beach opposed to a band that plays Lou’s Blues’ in Satellite Beach Florida? Let’s focus on a single area and break down what a live wedding band cost in Orlando Fl would be.

There will be 3 types of bands to choose from. Lower cost, medium cost, and premium cost. live wedding band cost in orlando fl

Lower Cost Bands – (5 Piece Band or Smaller) are typically groups that are part time musicians who get together on weekends to jam. They can be less experienced musicians and singers and younger in age as well. You can find these bands primarily playing bars on weekends and some of the musicians will be performing at small venues like a coffee house as a soloist or duo ensemble. These bands typically have musicians who have full time jobs and will be happy to play at your wedding. Lower cost bands range from $1,000 to $2,500.

Medium Cost Bands – (5 to 8 Piece Bands) are the bands that play more regularly and have some type of investment in the group such as- they may own their own pa system, have a website or facebook page and promote their services for hire. These groups typically have a band leader who arranges the logistics for gigs. These types of bands will often play bars as well, perhaps not as frequently as the lower cost bands, and they are usually more organized. They may have a paid promotional page on theKNOT or Weddingwire. The musicians are more seasoned and while some are part timers, they are usually members who have played in bands for years and even toured the country opening for other acts. These bands have a PA and are more business minded. Medium cost bands range from $2,500 to $6,000.

Premium Cost Bands – (8 to 20+ Piece Bands) are the bands that typically perform exclusively at weddings, galas and corporate events. These bands are usually businesses such as an LLC that have outsourced HR for small business and carry insurance. The band leader or owner is very organized and will have contract agreements for their clients. This category of live band utilizes top rated musicians and singers, including members who are or used to be recording artists. These groups have an extensive resume of travel and clientele who provide testimonials for their services. These bands do not usually play in bars and if they do, it would be for a fundraiser or for special reasons. These bands are more unified and are coordinated when it comes to attire, and are typically customer service driven. The equipment they use is professional quality and the members are all professional both on stage and off. Premium cost bands range from $6,500 to $20,000+. However, businesses can efficiently process customer payments through some reliable compare card machines.

If you are at the early stages of establishing what a live wedding band cost in Orlando fl would be, you may want to first decide on the type of wedding you want to have. For example, will it be Black Tie, Formal, or Semi Formal. Perhaps you want a more casual beach type of wedding, or something more like a club feel. Knowing your style will quickly align you with the style of band that best suits your tastes and will help you better determine the appropriate budget for your live entertainment on your special day.