How To Lose 25 Pounds Before Your Wedding – Fast

If you want to get in shape fast before your wedding, this article- how to lose 25 pounds before your wedding is the place to start. I will share my top tips for ultra fast conditioning that will have you looking your best before your big day! Let’s dig in.

Timing Is Everything

Getting your meal times together will supercharge your efforts towards your weight loss goals. Avoid eating a meal after 6pm. For some this might be a challenge depending on your work hours. However, consider your bodies internal clock, it doesn’t want to go to bed with a full stomach of undigested food. So, the earlier you eat the better. If you can avoid eating a meal 4 to 5 hours before bedtime, you will see the weight vanish quickly. 

Nighty Night

Its no wonder that the food and drug administration says that more then 80% of adults are sleep deprived. Your body simply can’t focus on regenerating when it doesn’t have enough sleep. Secondly, if you are not getting the required number of sleep hours (7 – 8 hrs), that little pudge will just continue to hang on for dear life. Make sure you get enough sleep. Also, it’s important to go to bed at the appropriate time. What time is that? At least 2 to 4 hours before midnight is the optimum. If you can do this, you will have more energy to boot, its a win win.

Nectar of the Gods

If you are feeling tired, have brain fog, achy, or just not your optimum- you are probably dehydrated. Most adults are in a chronic internet coma not realizing that their body is lacking the H2O it needs. Drinking plenty of water will actually aid in removing toxins from your body which in turn, will prepare you for the slim down. If you want to get super hydrated fast, check out IV Lounge. This facility will get you fully hydrated in 20min intravenously, and the boost of energy is just a kickin’ side effect. Doing this can super start your goal to lose 25 pounds before your wedding.

Save The Sweets For The Wedding

Being on a diet and removing processed sugar from your life are two separate things. Removing the sugar will get your body in shape at lightning speed. Your body and your mind will function at the highest rate, which in turn, will shed the pounds at an alarming rate. There are a ton of sugar free choices available, however a word of caution, read the labels. Many so called “sugar free” foods have sugar! So be diligent and notice what is on the label. If you do, the weight will melt off without you doing anything!

Lets Get Moving

No surprise here. Get yourself physically moving. I know for some, going to the gym is difficult because of your work schedule, but can you spend a few min dancing? If you are planning on being on the dance floor at your wedding, then start before your wedding. Dance for at least 30 min each day to your favorite tunes, this will give you the side benefit of having the endurance at your wedding. No one wants to see a bride or groom vegging out on a couch at their own wedding, so put on your dancing shoes and do it! If you want to see a bride and groom dancing, check out some of our videos on our website.


Achieving your goal to lose 25 pounds before your wedding is totally achievable. Follow the tips in this article and you will be surprised at how simple small adjustments can yield big results. Stay on track, and be the best you can be for your special day!

Is there a particular tip you like above the others? If so, I’d love to hear which one it is.

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written by: Peter Khan

Producer – The Elite Show Band