The Best Wedding Reception Layout

Wedding Reception Layout

When deciding how to configure the best wedding reception layout, there are many considerations…
First let’s think about FLOW and FOCUS. Clearly it’s about the bride and groom when it comes to the party, and if not for them, there wouldn’t even be anyone in the room! But why are people there? 
Everyone comes to celebrate with the newlywed couple because they have decided to take life’s journey together and celebrate with their family and firends. That’s a pretty cool thing! So how do we celebrate in a room filled with many formalities all within a certain period of time? Timeline flow is definitely important- considering everyone is there to eat, drink and be merry! 


The wedding reception layout of the space should be fluid enough for the caterer to get the meals to the guests (if you are doing a plated dinner) in the quickest most efficient way possible. Most venues have have a certain wedding reception layout that works for them already, however I find that most venues have two or 3 options that can also work to accommodate the party. This is primarily because of the number of guests you are having and the type of flow you want to have. 


When it comes to beverages, there are usually 1 or 2 bars that will serve drinks along with table service from the servers. When it comes to weddings everyone wants to know “where’s the booze”! Maybe because it’s been a long day and they want to unwind, or maybe because they are really stressed and want to relax, either way, drinks alcoholic in particular can really liven up the party and get everyone feeling relaxed and in a great mood. 

Be Merry:

When it comes to being merry what exactly does this mean? To me it means singing, dancing, and generally enjoying yourself in the presence of others. So where does this come from? Since the dawn of ages it’s been sounds of music and singing, which also have the ability to alter people’s states and get them moving and feeling happy (Merry). At some point the decision to have a designated space for everyone to gather and dance will have to be addressed. So where is the best place for everyone to dance? The answer? In the middle! That’s right, in the middle of where everyone is. This way, where ever you are, you have a central focal point to get your dancing on. What about music? Where should your band be located? The answer? In front of the dance floor! People will connect better when they are closer to the thing that is making them move (the band), and in turn, the band will read the room to make sure everyone is involved. 

Go With The Obvious

This all might seen obvious however, what about venues that have challenging spaces or have different rooms separating your guests? Regardless of the room shape or size, one thing is certain, wherever the dance floor is, the band should be right next to it, period. Bringing everyone together on the dance floor means joining in the center, and uniting guests new and old. With this type of layout your chance of achieving the best wedding reception layout is most definitely certain!
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