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Orlando Florida Wedding Band

Let’s Get This Florida Party Started!

Welcome! My name is Peter Khan and I along with my wife Nina, we are the owners of a premiere Orlando Florida Wedding Band called, The Elite Show Band. We are also the people in all the videos! I’mOrlando Fl Wedding band the guy with the glasses who sings and plays guitar (to the right) and Nina (below) is the blonde lead singer. We think it’s important for you to know who you are communicating with and exactly who will be showing up at your wedding! That would be us…

Congratulations on your engagement! Are you recently engaged or have you been engaged for some time now? Was it a surprise when your fiance proposed? Did you expect it?

What Are Your Wedding Ideas?

So now the fun part begins- planning your Florida wedding! Which date did you pick, and which venue? How many guests do you expect at your reception? Are you thinking a common 4 hour wedding reception? Meaning, after the cocktail hour the party would be around 4hrs, what are your thoughts on timing?

Have you decided on a style for your wedding – meaning, will it be a Black Tie, formal or a semi-formal wedding? What about the music… what type of vibe/energy do you like and what do you want to see happen at the party?

Orlando Fl Wedding Band

A Variety Music Wedding Band!

The great news is the Elite Show Band is a true Orlando Florida variety music wedding band. We cover everything from pop, rock, motown, dance, R&B, classics and the currents hits of today. We typically start the earlier part of the evening with some classics like Frank Sinatra or Michale Buble. As the party continues we move into some other artists like Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder. We always blend the variety music to also include current artists like  Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and everything in between! How does this sound to you?

The Elite Show Band understands that there is going to be a lot of different types of people at your Florida wedding who like different types of music, and the only way to get them all engageged is to play variety music. We get everyone moving, put them on the dance floor and keep them there all night long! We want everyone to feel like they are a part of the party, while focusing on the single most important thing- the bride and groom. It’s your party and you are the stars of the evening.

Any questions so far? Email us so we can give you some answers, or better yet, call us directly! 888-400-5013

Your Online Wedding Reception Planning Form!

Once you book with us you will get your own online wedding reception planning form. This is an online portal where you can let us know all the important details about your wedding. For example,  your first dance song, the names and order of people in your bridal party, who will be giving a speech, toast or blessing. You can also tell us the songs and genres of music you don’t want to hear at your party. All this information will be stored in the planning form and you can edit and save your changes anytime from any computer! This way no one has to go chasing email threads to find information.

A Conference Call 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding!

2 weeks before your wedding you and your fiance (or anyone else you choose) will have a conference call with Nina and . During this call we can go over the information in your planning form. We can make tweaks to the program and then the day of the wedding you can relax, enjoy and be in the moment. We will take care of all the details – making sure there is a constant flow and no awkward pauses, this way you can enjoy your celebration with your family and friends!  How does that sound?

Oh, and we always have you covered for music… We have a complete DJ package integrated into our sound system so at anytime you want to hear something specific or even ethnic in nature, we can play it, and it’s seamless!

Also just so you know, Nina and I are professional MC’s of this dynamite Orlando Fl Wedding Band and can help with timeline flow, coordinate lining up the bridal party and other important tasks during the evening.

Our soundman controls the entire system via an ipad- including managing the sound quality and volume, making sure it’s never to loud. He will make sure that anyone making a speech or toast can be heard! He does this from the guests position in the room because he has the freedom to move around the room.

Orlando wedding band

orlando fl wedding band
orlando wedding band
Orlando wedding band

Can We Send You An Estimate For Your Florida Wedding?

We would be happy to send you an estimate for your wedding which will include band size options, a link to our online published songlist, a link to our facebook page and other information about our services. How does that sound?

Whether you are planning on making your decision in the coming days, weeks or months we encourage everyone to decide quickly, because we do not hold dates for anyone and once we get booked we are booked. A lot of couples also want the best Orlando Florida Wedding band and If you want to get the vendors of your choice, its best to choose soon… waiting can sometimes mean the difference between an unforgettable party, and just an ok party.

Let’s start with the first step. Get in touch so we know who you are and the vision you have for your wedding. We are very tech savvy and super fast on responding to inquires via email, phone call or text messaging. We want to make sure that everyone at your wedding will walk away at the end of the night saying one thing, that was the best party I’ve every been to!

Contact us now so our fantastic Orlando Florida Wedding Band can supercharge your party and make it unforgettable!

Contact Us: 888-400-5013