Should You Use A Microphone For The Ceremony At Your Wedding?

Keep It Basic

microphone at the ceremony

We recently had a client ask us if they should use a microphone for the ceremony. The client was concerned that no one would be able to hear the officiant speaking. Moreover, they were concerned no one would be able to hear them say their vows to one another.

The actual action itself of using a microphone can become all consuming for a couple and some brides and grooms can get very stressed about it. So the real question is this, should you be using a microphone for the ceremony at your wedding? The answer? No, UNLESS you can be absolutely 100% certain that it will sound good.

First, let’s consider a few things many people overlook. The following list will indicate when to use a microphone for a ceremony and when to not use a microphone for your ceremony. 

Do not use a microphone for the ceremony under the following conditions.

  • If you are outside and there is a lot of wind blowing- don’t use a mic (the mic will pickup the airflow of the wind and amplify it through the speakers, this will not sound pleasant).
  • Don’t use a lavaliere mic for the officiant. These mics are also referred to as headset mics (these mics have a very small diaphragm for picking up sound and tend to sound thin and tiny). 
  • Avoid using a wireless mic for the ceremony. Have you ever been to a ceremony and heard the mic cut in and out? Well that’s because the wireless mic is picking up interference from other wireless devices and dropping out. This can be very distracting and disappointing.  
  • Don’t use a wired mic which is on a mic stand. Overall, this looks terrible because it’s in the center of your ceremony photos. Secondly, you would have to stand relatively close to the mic in order for people to hear you. Not to mention, there is a cable which has to run to speakers, and where are those speakers again? 
  • If your ceremony is outside in an area without power, opt out of using a mic for the ceremony. Electronic devices need power and using a power generator can be loud. 

You could use a microphone for the ceremony under the following conditions.

  • You could use a wireless mic on a stand if your ceremony is inside and the microphone is already setup as part the band PA or DJ gear. This can be a good option as it has already been sound checked/tested. However, it will still be in the photos and may not be the type of look you are looking for.
  • If the officiant brings his own equipment and is confident in the sound quality. This can also work because the officiant will be familiar with their own gear.
  • When the ceremony is in a church and the officiant has a microphone pinned on the wardrobe. This is ideal because the church uses the equipment all the time, and it is always setup and ready to go.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you can avoid using a mic for your ceremony it will be the best option. Keep one thing in mind, no one is talking during the ceremony, so what is going to distract people? The answer? Nothing! People will actually pay more attention because they will want to hear every word that is spoken. Another thing, as the voices are not amplified, your guests will tend to have more focus on the ceremony itself. 

For many couples the ceremony is symbolic in itself, so if you want to keep it personal not using a microphone for the ceremony will eliminate any chance of something going wrong, because on your wedding day, there are no do overs!

The image in this post is by Maria Sharp Photography.