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Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center Weddings And Events

A Gem In The City Beautiful

Do you want to know why The Dr.Phillips Performing Arts Center might be the best wedding and event venue in Orlando? I had a site tour of this beautiful center, and I’m sharing my feedback from the visit, so lets dig in!

From the moment you enter the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, you get a sense of openness. From the interconnecting areas to Della Phillips Grand Lobby, there is a consistent oneness and togetherness about this venue. It certainly has a classic and modern feel, in other words, familiar yet new.

The south side of the building has a “stage door”, and this is where we entered and checked in with security. We were politely asked to wait in the lobby area. With a view of all the floors above, we felt very connected to the other levels of the building. We couldn’t stop looking at the furniture. It was made from actual tree trunks/stumps and gave the concrete grey interior an instant boost of warmth. 

First Impressions

It wasn’t long before we were greeted by Jenna Rogers. (Sr. manager of catering & event sales). She is clearly a people person with lots of charisma, and our feeling towards her was like seeing an old friend after many years. Jenna was happy to lead us to the Della Phillips Grand Lobby where the rest of her team was assembling. On the way, she snuck us in for a quick peak at the Walt Disney Theater.

A Theater For All Occasions

The Walt Disney Theater is the largest of the rooms. It has a concert size stage. This is perfect for broadway touring shows, and has multi level seating. Some of the biggest names is show business have performed in the Walt Disney Theater. You can learn more about The Walt Disney Theater by following this link.

The Elite Show Band - WeddingsOnce we arrived at the Della Phillips Grand Lobby we were introduced to the rest of Jenna’s team. Kelsie Wright (catering sales manager), Laura Segal (manager, events), Evett Vidot (manager, events) and Karen Anderson (event sales coordinator). 

We all huddled together like coworkers gathered at a Starbucks meeting. We got to know each other, and share our passion’s of the performing arts. Nina and I presented the Elite Show Band, and struck a common thread among us all, meetings and events. Once our meeting was finished, it was off to tour the center.

A Tour With Kelsie And Evett

Kelsie and Evett were happy to show off the rest of the venue to us, and things just kept getting better. Our first stop was the staircase in the Della Phillips Grand Lobby. It is simply spectacular, this multi level floating staircase is a photographers dream. But not just that, the staircase has an intelligent architectural design which creates an acoustical environment to dazzle your ears. The lobby is ideal for wedding ceremonies. The natural light that enters throughout provides photo opportunities at almost every corner. To learn more about the Della Phillips Grand Lobby follow this link.

A Wedding Reception With A View

As our tour continued we entered the DeVos Family Room. At first glance our expressions were wow! The floor to ceiling windows brought in the City Beautiful. With a look towards the east, was city hall. The giant glass section of the west wall opens and makes you feel like all of downtown is celebrating with you! The room has state of the art lighting, and the white curtains accent the sound absorbing carpet. You would think that this room would have echo because of all the glass, but it simply doesn’t. This makes sound projection from the band incredibly clear.

A Party In The Theater

The Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater was the next stop. A unique feature of this room, is the gorgeous abstract pieces of art. They were created by Tom McGrath and are covering the ceiling. This room is ultra cool with state of the art lighting. It even has aluminum balconies that glow with little white lights.

A Dream Rooftop Celebration

The Elite Show Band - Weddings and EventsOur tour concluded on the top floor. A spacious outdoor setting overlooking the city. This is the largest rooftop party space in the city. As we looked up, we noticed that 80% of the area was actually undercover. This made this outside area not just special, but completely functional all year round.


Our takeaway from the visit was, why would anyone want to have their wedding or event anywhere else? With so many options to choose from, coupled with the friendly and knowledgable event team, The Dr. Phillips Performing Art Center is a win win.

So which event space would you choose for your wedding or event? 

For more information about the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center visit there website : https://www.drphillipscenter.org

Written by: Peter Khan – Producer – The Elite Show Band