Top 4 Things Every Groom Wants At His Wedding

Do you want to know some of the best ways to make the groom happy at his wedding? In this article, Top 4 Things Every Groom Wants At His Wedding, we will explore some of the must haves for the groom.

1 – A Drink With The Boys

At some point of the reception, most grooms want to have a bonding experience with his buddies. This can include a group hug, an old college sing along, but most of all, a drink with the boys. It’s a moment that gives the groom a feeling of familiarity in a room filled with family, friends, uncles and aunts. Whether it’s a shot of tequila or chug of beer, it’s a moment most grooms will cherish from their wedding. A word of caution, most brides do not want their new hubby drunk beyond the point of no return, so guys, please pace yourselves!

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2 – Where Is The Beef?

Eating healthy is aways a great choice, if you are training for a marathon or trying to lose weight. When it comes to the wedding reception, guys simply want a steak. The term hangry can be summarized by this, if the guys stomach isn’t happy, no one else will be either. Remember, it’s been a long day for everyone, and the groom has been up early too. So making sure he has a full tummy will keep him charged up for the night. If your guy is a vegan or health food nut, make sure that his favorite meal is waiting for him. In turn, he will be waiting for you at the end of the night! A great Orlando caterer with great food is Arthurs Catering. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

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3- A Moment Alone With His Bride

With all the people at the wedding there is no shortage of greetings, smiles, kisses, hugs and conversations. At some point, guys just simply want a breather. It’s like calling a time out during the ball game. It’s a moment to reflect, and share a special kiss with the person he loves. This just makes a guy happy. Ladies, when your pulled in every direction from your bridesmaids, parents, planner and so on, grab your guy and sneak away for a couple of minutes. It will be a moment your man will never forget! Make sure you keep my Top 4 Things Every Groom Wants At His Wedding list close at hand.

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4-  A Band That Rocks

Guys will choose a band 95% of the time, hands down. They simply want to have a moment to rock out at the party. They want to see photos of a packed dance floor from their wedding. Their choice to have a great live band gives the groom the nod of approval from his buddies, and a feeling they did something towards the party. Keep in mind that most of the planning, if not all of it, is spent with the bride and her mother, and even a wedding coordinator. So ladies, let your guys feel like the rockstar that he is, and give him the gift of live music at his wedding. A couple of great choices of Orlando wedding bands are The Elite Show Band and The Buzzcatz, check out their websites for more information.

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Most grooms don’t ask for much, but when they do, follow the list from my top 4 things every groom wants at his wedding article. Weddings traditionally focus on the bride and even the mother of the bride, but the groom is one half of the union. Give the guy these 4 things, and he will be the happiest man at the wedding!

Which one from the list is your favorite? If you had to add one to the list, what would it be?

Leave your comments and share your experience!

written by: Peter Khan

Producer – The Elite Show Band