Carnegie Music Hall Wedding

There are Pittsburgh weddings that are just WOW and this one definitely fit the bill.  To set the scene imagine the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer decked out with extravagant white floral centerpieces by one of our favorite wedding vendors Mocha Rose.  A formal wedding party was dressed to the nines in black and white. The cake was so beautiful that you almost didn’t want anyone to eat it.  Finally, a bride and groom that obviously are so giving of themselves that they threw a party that everyone could enjoy and would remember for years to come.  Wedding Planner Natalie Berger once again pulled out all the stops and helped to create an environment full of beauty and classic elegance.  The Elite Show Band’s 11 Piece Lineup provided the reception music while sprinkling in the couple’s special dance choices such as a choreographed First Dance to LOVE by Nat King Cole, You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story, Shake It Off, and All Right Now to name a few!

Check out this sneak peek photo from their wedding by the very talented Elizabeth Craig Photography