29 Years Later I Got My First Acoustic Guitar Back

My first acoustic guitar came back to me, 29 years later! Wouldn’t it be great if we all could get back 1 item from our childhood that meant so much to us? In this article, I am sharing my personal story of how my first acoustic guitar and I were reunited, almost 3 decades later!

The Acoustic Guitar That Joined The Family

Back around 1979 My older brother brought home a new acoustic guitar and decided he was going to learn how to play it. A neighborhood friend was going to be his teacher, and one day he stopped by the house to teach him a few chords. I just happened to be home that day, and being a curious 14 year old, I thought, let’s see how he does.

As the teacher showed my brother a few chords on the acoustic guitar, I was sitting on the couch watching as he was getting his lesson. He was being shown basic chords, like a C and D chord, but was struggling with coordinating his fingers to do what was being taught. I was getting frustrated thinking “come on, just put your fingers where the guy showed you, it’s easy!”. 

Playing For The First Time

About 20min later the two left the room, and I found myself looking at the guitar with curiosity. I thought to myself, I bet I could play those chords the guy just showed my brother, I’m sure of it. So, I picked up the guitar, placed my fingers to shape a C chord and strummed the strings. Just like that, a perfect C chord! In my head I said “ I knew it was easy!” Then I did the D chord and then the G. This was that defining moment. I knew I had found something special. The sunburst jumbo acoustic guitar spoke to me, or maybe… something special found me.

Eventually I adopted the guitar as my own, as my brother played it less and less. The first song I ever wrote was on it, and it was written for my first girlfriend. We eventually broke up, well actually she broke up with me, and I was seriously pissed about it. I began to pour all my emotions and frustration into learning to play, and taught myself by ear. My acoustic guitar would be my best friend for many years to come. Everywhere I went, it would go with me. Often I would lock myself in my room all day and night, just playing on my own. I would rarely go anywhere on weekends. I decided that I would be an amazing guitar player, and thought that one day when I was well known, maybe she would take me back. 

Off To A New Home

When I was around 25, my life was mostly spent touring with my band. By this time I had an electric guitar and my acoustic guitar was kept at home. I rarely played it. One day a family friend said that he was interested in learning how to play, and asked If I was willing to sell it. I thought, well If I’m not playing it, maybe someone else could benefit the same way I did. I decided to sell it to him for around $100. That summer was the last time I saw my first guitar, I think the year was 1989. 

A Surprise Text Message

One day I got a facebook message from our old family friend. He said I still have that old guitar you sold me, and I’d like you to have it back. I always felt it belonged to you he said, and now that you are a father, maybe you can share new memories with it with your son. I couldn’t believe it,  I was thrilled and offered to buy it back from him, but he didn’t want any money. He just wanted the pleasure of me having it back.

My first acoustic guitar found its way back to me after 29 years. Its been almost 40 years since I strummed my first chords on this very guitar. I am so grateful to share it with my family, and one day watch my boys play it as well! Thank you lord for this precious gift, It fills my heart with joy!


I hope you liked enjoyed reading about journey being reunited with my first acoustic guitar. Do you have a similar story to share? I’d love to hear about it!

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written by: Peter Khan

Producer – The Elite Show Band

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