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How To Minimize Stress Before Your Wedding

Would you like to learn how to minimize stress before your wedding? Did you know you can virtually eliminate 95% of stress before your wedding? How? I’ll share my top tips to keep you calm, cool and married in this article. Let’s do it!

Morning Meditation

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head all day? You try to forget about it, but it still plays over and over in your mind? This can also be the case with thoughts that are stressful. They can lay beside you at night and weigh heavy on your shoulders all day. If you are familiar with meditation then you will certainly know it’s benefits. A morning meditation gives you the opportunity to clear the unwanted thoughts from your mind. There are many types of meditations that you can try, however the main goal is to change your mental and emotional state, so you can experience a happy day, instead of the opposite. You mean you can choose the type of day you want to have? Yes, exactly. The choice is up to the individual, and clearing your mind is the first step in how to minimize stress before your wedding. 


Yoga is a fantastic way to manage stress. The simple act of moving your body will make you feel wonderful, while releasing stress at the same time. The practice dates back 10,000 years, so it’s not some new flavor of the month exercise program. Not only will it help you manage your stress, it can be a great new addition to your lifestyle. A popular yoga phrase is, “a flexible body, means a flexible mind” and when planning a wedding, no words are more true! If you want to know more about yoga, check out the Kundalini Yoga center in Altamonte Springs.

Get A Massage

One of the best ways to minimize stress before your wedding is to get a massage. Even better, a couples massage! It’s amazing what 1hr of deep relaxation, music, and strong hands releasing knots from your body will do. You will feel like a brand new you afterwards and ready to calmly handle any situation with ease and grace. This ultra fast stress buster can’t be underestimated, it just works. How will you know if you need a massage? If you are snapping at people, or unable to sleep because you are nervous. Take a moment and get a massage so you can manage the tasks at hand, while enjoying the planning experience before the wedding. A great place to book your massage is Hand & Stone, in Orlando. This place is great, plus there are always specials being offered.  

Get Organized

When things are a mess, you are a mess. Staying organized is the first order of business. Without this everything falls apart. There are a lot of details when planning a wedding, and whatever system you use, be sure to actually use it! Whether you use your smart phone calendar, white board or cut out pieces of paper signifying upcoming tasks. Use it, and it will minimize the amount of stress you will accrue. If you feel like you can’t organize everything on your own, then seek out the help of a wedding planner. Some great Orlando Wedding Planners are Whitney Carillon  & Lisa Stoner.

What’s The Purpose?

If you hold your purpose firmly in your mind, other “stresses” will not affect you nearly as much. This is because you are focused on the most important thing, marrying the person you love. When this is at the top of your priority list, you will find yourself enjoying the experience of planning your wedding. Remember, everything about the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception is all about the couple, so don’t get distracted. 

Your Inner Circle

Everyone wants to help when it comes to your wedding. And while the intentions are good, sometimes there are competing interests. These can be the heaviest of them all. Most couples want everyone to be happy, but they also want to be happy. Deciding on the details for the wedding can become more than just a couple’s decision, sometimes a group of people are involved and they may not all get along. Whether it’s the choice of flowers, to choosing the right photographer, pleasing everyone may not always work out. Choose your inner circle of people who will respect your choices, and also be open to hearing from an experienced source. If everyone is pulling on the same rope, it will make the entire planning phase a breeze. 


Learning how to minimize stress before your wedding can be achieved by following the steps in this article. A great morning meditation will start your day in the right direction. If you can do even 15 min each day of yoga you will feel the positive effects. There are plenty of Youtube videos that will walk you through a great Yoga routine- so give it a try! For a quick fix, get a massage, it will do wonders for your stress level. Whatever method keeps you organized, do it. It cannot be understated enough that organization while planning your wedding is an absolute must. Keep the purpose of why you are getting married at the front of your mind. By doing this, it will not leave any space for stress to take root. Finally, know who is in your inner circle. Be aware of who “gets it” and who doesn’t, and notice who is speaking up for you and who is speaking for themselves. Yup I just said that, but it’s true…

Which stress buster is your favorite?

Leave your comments and share your experience!

written by: Peter Khan

Producer – The Elite Show Band

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