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How To Avoid Being The Worst Guest Ever At A Wedding

Do you want to know the secrets on how to avoid being the worst guest ever at a wedding? This article is a must for anyone who will be attending a wedding, especially if you haven’t been out in a while. Read on.

What You Wear Matters

It’s important to be aware of the style of the wedding when choosing what to wear. For example, is it a Black Tie or Semi Formal wedding? What are the the colors for the wedding? This will help you tremendously when selecting your party outfit. Showing up in a wrinkled linen suite or a tight netted cocktail dress may not be the best choice for a Black Tie wedding. Ladies unless you have been specifically instructed by the bride to wear white, don’t go there. This might be the biggest party foul of all time. If it takes a few extra bucks to go get your suit or dress fitted, do it! You will feel so much better and look fabulous when things fit just right. A great place to shop for that perfect outfit is the Mall At Millenia in Orlando, check out the website here.

Grooming For Success

It’s always a good idea to engage in proper grooming before a wedding, specifically hygiene. Guys, shave if you must and be sure to slap some deodorant, it might just save you from getting a slap on the dance floor. Nice cologne should never be underestimated. Ladies, double check the amount of perfume you have on, anything beyond an arms length is too much. If you are a person who sweats a lot, wear an under garment to soak up the excess. Ladies, bring that extra powder for your nose and lipstick for touch ups. Weddings can be a great chance to get a pro photo of you and your date, so be ready for your closeup!

Watch Your Language

If you are in the habit of saying what ever you want, please check it at the door. Guys- dropping F-bombs might be your style, but remember that  you’re not at a Lakers game. This goes equally for ladies. This can cause an invisible barrier around you that others will avoid at all costs. Keep it clean and family friendly, and oh yeah- there might be kids in the room too. Mark this one on your cell phone, its a great tip on how to avoid being the worst guest ever at a wedding

Just One More Drink!?!

Come on have a drink!  Ah ok, but when it’s your 10th shot in the past 30 min? Well congratulations, you will be forever seen as the person who spent most of the party buckled over in the corner. I’m sure this isn’t the image you planned to portray at your friends wedding, so please, pace yourself. A good rule of thumb is for every alcoholic drink you have, chase it with 2 glasses of water. By doing this you can be festive with out looking foolish. If you lead by example, it just might teach others how to avoid being the worst guest ever at a wedding.

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching

Ok so, you’re getting into the mood. You get up and dance right? Yes this is right, it does not mean get up and grind every person on the dance floor. Maybe noticing how others are dancing might give you a clue of how you should dance. The exception however is if you actually can dance. Show off your best Michael Jackson dance moves if you have it, everyone will love it. However, if all you can think of is booty slapping during a Sinatra song, maybe sit that song out. And guys, never and I mean ever, go up to the bride from behind and start grinding, it’s a first class ticket to hurtville. Check out some cool people dancing at weddings.

They’re All With Me

The invitation is specific and should be respected. Showing up to someone’s wedding with extra friends in tow is openly endorsing the “wedding crashers” mentality. Be respectful and consider the cost someone else has put up to make the night a success. It’s just awkward and can be considered rude to bring the gang when the invitation just says you and ONE guest or maybe they just invited you- so be sure to read that invite carefully. Be respectful of their wishes- after all they are buying your dinner for the evening!


The best strategy on How To Avoid Being The Worst Guest Ever at a wedding is simply awareness. Know what type of wedding you will be attending. Is It a Black Tie or Semi Formal. Consider your attire so you can be a good reflection on the person who invited you. Be sure you pay special attention to your grooming, and don’t overdue the perfume. When you speak, be smart and eloquent and avoid the language you might use when the ref makes a bad call. For the love of all things sacred, please drink sensibly and plan for your designated driver. Keep your inner animal dancing at home in front of the bathroom mirror. Finally, respect the invitation and number of guests you may bring, if any. These tips should get you well on your way to being invited back to your next friend’s wedding!

If you had to add one to the list, what would it be?

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written by: Peter Khan

Producer – The Elite Show Band

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